Sad doodle cuz I couldn’t take part on the mankin iscribble (the goddam tablet won’t support flash player) U_U

WIP 3: Kilik Rung.

Today I didn’t do much lol I just want to eat. Oh well, I’m glad I already corrected the shoulders and the right arm. xD Hopefully tomorrow more will get done.
Oh yeah, if you have any suggestion for me it’d be good to throw them now I’m still doing it and have two layers to sketch!

WIP 3: Kilik Rung

I’m back with this. I don’t think the right arm sketch works, so that won’t be linearted until I correct that. Such a long road awaits for me T_T

WIP3: Kilik Rung

Another one I thought could be done “quickly”. A lot of confusion aroused from this one. >.> And I haven’t washed the dishes, so I better go already.

WIP 2: (Belated) B-day gift.

xD That’s what I did today. A bear mask crying (cuz it makes no sense to me, like at what height are tezca’s eyes?? How does he even sees anything?). At any rate, I finally came back to work on this.
I lost again. Couldn’t work on the thing (perhaps I could have done something, but the point is I didn’t). Whatever, here I am again!
And I came back with a flying Risu head (why am I laughing at this, I shouldn’t). Was going to work on WIP 2 until I finished but honestly today I only felt like doodling a flying head. XD Just wanted to know how everything felt with the new Sketchbook ver I have (in the Appe appstore they’re giving it for free!). I like what I did here, specially counting it’s the first time I draw Risu.

WIP 2: (belated) B-day gift

XD Yesterday I lost the challenge cuz I had no Internet. I did work on something, but was too lazy to go out and upload it at an Internet café xD
At any rate, here’s what I did today: a flawless sketch of a mini comic I’ll be working on the following days till I finish it (prolly to be done with only black and whites cuz I’m not read to color that much). So yeah…woo!