๏̯͡๏ ಠ~ಠ That awkward moment in which I realized Asu’s b-day was FOUR days ago…Geez, I was super sure it was today ಠ~ಠ
At any rate, enjoy this unfinished try. It’s made of my tears while working with the tablet. I still feel so uncomfortable with it ಠ~ಠ
I’ll keep working on it tho I should probably prepare something for Kirion’s…I wonder what exactly I’ll do tho.
Woot! I’m back! And I finally finished this one!
Blah, blah. Another day one since I didn’t do nor upload anything yesterday. Oops.
Anyway, I started with the shading already. Whop. Too much work left. Plan to finish the top tomorrow, plus some more blending and layering for the clothing…
I made a few corrections and outlined it, and I think the motion is reflected better now. Still quite a few things to do…@_@ So tired…I’ll call it a day now.
Hum. Quite a few errors, but I still think it’s quite ok for something I had to come up tonight xD 
For some reason I like the baseball chapters of Dorohedoro a lot. And here’s what 13 thought he would do…have he had a chance…maybe…in his head XD 
Tomorrow I’ll take the time to do some corrections and put some more work into it, but as for now enjoy my quick drawing for 13’s b-day.
I really had the intention of not losing by uploading a new “stage” each day, but two days ago started my nightmare. The day I uploaded the sketch of this I thought I had a cold, but no! It had to be an infection >.> I felt so tired, and had such headaches…and even now I can’t breathe well. What’s up with these flu-like symptoms?! D: Yesterday I was feeling a tad better, but didn’t had the chance to use the computer. So…now behold my drawing finished. I had no idea of what to do with the suit…Aw. I did the best I could (I wrinkled the page a little bit tho. Happens me quite a bit.).
Blah..The thing on En’s right hand is his mask, ok?
Today I worked on the general idea of the drawing. Let’s call it the “sketch” stage. I wish I could finish it today, it’d be great given the occasion…but oh well. Couldn’t start with it before.
I think it’s getting a good outcome, this time I felt free to add a little of my touch here and there (tho I forgot to save space for his hair).
Remember vol. 11’s extra? The one that talks about how the devil who would return once in a year to his hometown Berith to grant wishes…and how they mentioned Ton’s previous wish? XD
 Well, these two panels are basically about what Ton thought his wish would be like if it was granted…kind of a parody of “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”…

Xd lol
(・∀・)I very quick doodle of Matsumura. Since his b-day is coming…tried to study his face a little. I think I got a gist of his face, tomorrow I might try a four-panel webtoon about something I thought today…
On another note: O_o I actually did that in less than 20 mins. It scares me cuz…these thoughts always run in my head when something like this happens:
1. See? If you do the guide lines very lightly the drawing will be very tidy! And the corrections on proportions will be hella easier!
2. How much could have you done have ya not lacked concentration? See??? It’s important to focus…
Gawd. ヘ(。□°)ヘ I know….but it’s torturing to think this way. I’ll replace those phrases with: Nice job! Keep in mind today’s strategies for tomorrow’s doodle.
≖‿≖ Well…yes. Here’s doodle one again. Greet Seth…who’s probably the first character whose usual expression is a smile (an arrogant one but a smile). Worry not, this time I really will surpass myself xd